Cap and Trade energy bill in CA

Claim: The “Cap and Trade energy bill” requires that all existing Menlo Park real estate, including business and residential houses must meet new energy standards before it can be sold.

True or False? Find out

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Emergency Strobe Lights: Make Way

There is no doubt that lights are one of the most effective ways of grabbing people’s attention. That is why an emergency strobe light is a very effective way of getting people’s attention to make way to law enforcement and other emergency vehicles. LED is the latest, most advanced and preferred technology when it comes to emergency strobe lights.

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You’ve Got To Be Kidney Me

Claim: Drugged travelers awaken in ice-filled bathtubs only to discover one of their kidneys has been harvested by organ thieves.

True or False? Find out.

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Pompano Beach condos

Pompano Beach condos are available for rent or for sale. Pompano Beach is a very tranquil city, not over crowded like Miami or Fort Lauderdale. The Pompano Beach Oceanfront is very clean and preserved. This is a fantastic opportunity to buy or rent a luxury condo in beautiful Pompano Beach.

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The Uncle Don Legend

One of radio’s most enduring legends is the so-called “little bastards” remark attributed to WOR kiddie host Uncle Don Carney.

True or False? Find out.

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Are Lemmings Suicidal?

Claim: During the filming of the 1958 Disney nature documentary White Wilderness, the film crew induced lemmings into jumping off a cliff and into the sea in order to document their supposedly suicidal behavior.

True or False? Find out.

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The Neapolitan Mastiff puppies site

Euro Puppy offers the finest quality Neapolitan Mastiff puppies and dogs from selected show dog breeders. Please visit our site and browse through our listings with photos and information on each puppy. Euro Puppy offers free shipping and one-year health guarantee with their puppies.

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Gang Initiation Rite

Prospective new gang members are being initiated by killing the drivers of cars who flash their headlights at them.

Find out if true or false

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Mall Grab: Woman Abducted from Mall – True or False?

Claim: Women are being lured out of malls and into dangerous situations with the promise of appearing in television commercials.

True or false? Find out.

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Coca-Cola spermicide

Claim: Coca-Cola is an effective contraceptive.

True or False? Find out.

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